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NYE Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

The Law Office of William Patrick Lee wishes you a happy and safe New Year.  We have worked in this industry too long to be unaware that this is one of the most dangerous holidays of the year.  People travel, drink, party harty and this, unfortunately, can lead to accidents that can do more than just ruin the night.  To be sure, enjoy your celebration, but do so with caution.  Below is some helpful advice on how to be safe and prevent you from becoming one of the unfortunate folks who end up in a bad place at the outset of the new year.

First and foremost, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  Stats reflect more than half the motor vehicle accidents that occur on New Year’s Eve involve alcohol.  If you’re drinking then plan to assign a DD or use Uber, Lyft, MARTA, etc.  It’s not hard in this day-and-age to get a ride.  However, plan on extended wait times and higher prices, it’ll be a busy night.  But here’s the rub, it’s not just yourself that can be a threat.  The best laid plans can be ruined by other drunk drivers; fact is, other folks may not be as smart and safe as you are.  So, if possible, avoid all roads.

If you host the party, make sure your guests have safe transportation.  A party host can be liable for serving alcohol to a minor or intoxicated person who then causes injures — but only if the host knows that the minor or intoxicated person “will soon be driving a motor vehicle.”  O.C.G.A. § 51-1-40.  Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bed or couch (or even comfy floor if you still live those college days) available for those who overindulge.  Finally, be sure to have plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages available.

The next point cannot be overstated.  Pace yourself!  It’s all too easy at New Year’s celebration to go hard in the paint and find yourself more intoxicated than you intended.  The end result can be worse than simply missing the ball drop, when drunk (especially in a crowd) you’re more likely to slip and fall or injure yourself in a variety of other manners.  No one wants to bring in the New Year in a hospital.  Alcohol poisoning is another real threat, and it’s no joke.  Alcohol poisoning is a condition in which alcohol causes the body’s functions (heart rate, breathing and gag reflex) to shut down, and when the liver can no longer detoxify the alcohol in the body.  An average of six people die from alcohol poisoning every day, even more on New Year’s Eve.

Stay hydrated at all times.  Alcohol is a diuretic, which means the more you drink, the more you urinate.  Drinking a bottle/glass of water between drinks will help keep hydrated (and serve to reduce that hangover).  Also, make sure you eat before and during your drinking.

The Law Office of William Patrick Lee, PC hope you never need our services in regard to a sustained injury due to someone’s negligence.  However, we’ll be there for you if you ever do. Have yourself a safe and Happy New Year.

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