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Probate & Estate Planning

A wise man once said preparing your Will and estate plan is the most unselfish decision one can ever make. This is so true. A person does not have the luxury of observing the benefit of the consequences of a Will, Advance Medical Directive, or Financial Power of Attorney firsthand, but every person they love or care about does. The name of those documents may be Greek to some, but each is simple at its core. A Will deals with the disposition of one’s property upon their death. It also can appoint guardians and create testamentary trust for their children. An Advance Medical Directive delineates important decisions regarding one’s health and wellbeing. This includes the oft discussed living will, which addresses what an individual elects to do with their body when hospice becomes involved, or their mind is in a permanent vegetative state. Finally, a Financial Power of Attorney appoints a trusted person to handle one’s affairs in a fiduciary manner should that person be unable to do so themselves.


We also assist with the post-mortem process. An all too often question we receive is what to do when someone you know or love passes away? We can help. Whether you are named beneficiary, executor, or an interested party in a intestate (a person who dies without a Will) decedent’s estate, we can assist you with the probate process and help with all of the intricacies attendant in the passing of an individual.


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