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Workers’ Compensation

If you sustained a workplace injury and wonder whether to hire an attorney, the answer depends on the severity of your injury and the complexity of your case.  Not all work injuries require legal counsel.  Not all attorneys will admit this.  If your injury is minor, or you missed little to no work due to your injury, then you perhaps you should proceed without an attorney.  However, the moment any sort of complexity is introduced one should at the very least consult with a potential legal representative.


Workers’ compensation is an insurance based system, and insurance companies are notorious for looking out for their own bottom line.  Bona fide claims are routinely denied simply because many injured workers chose not to enforce their rights under the law.  The unfortunate truth is an insurance company has tremendous resources and time, a luxury an injured worker typically is without.  Hiring an attorney can level the playing field.  If you were hurt at work and feel that the system is working against you, then consider calling our firm for a no obligation consultation.  Not all work injuries require legal representation, but the unfortunate truth is many do.  Contact us today if you have any questions.

Back Pain and Spine Injuries

Spine Injuries

Workers in any industry are vulnerable to back injuries when lifting, pushing or dragging too much weight. These are the types of injuries that require only momentary exposure to a cause for the injury to occur…

Factory and Machine Injuries

Machine Related Injuries

Usually experienced within the construction and manufacturing industries, machine injuries are often localized on the body, such as hands, arms, feet and legs…

Repetative Motion Pain

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Workers in computer-related jobs or who run manufacturing machinery who perform the same physical motion over and over often suffer repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel.  Wear and tear on the same joint over time renders joint stress…

Amputation Law Suit


Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys have helped many men and women deal with the loss of a finger, hand, arm, leg or other limb or extremity.  We understand that the physical, emotional and psychological effects of such an injury can be devastating…

Handicap Lawsuit

Catastrophic Injuries

What if your work-related injury prevents you from ever working again?  Under Georgia law, these are referred to as catastrophic injuries.  The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act contains specific definitions of “catastrophic”…

Heart Attacks/Stroke

What if you have a heart attack or stroke at work, are these covered by workers’ compensation? It depends on whether your medical records indicate the heart attack or stroke was caused by some sort of work activity; e.g., physical exertion, heat or workplace stress.  In cases of heart attack or stroke, an insurance company will most likely deny your claim…

Upper Extremity Injuries

Workers all too often injure their shoulder, arm, wrist, elbow, hand, or finger due to accidents caused by a wide variety of manners.  Many times these injuries will be quickly dismissed, when the actual pathology requires significant treatment…

Lower Extremity Injuries

Lower extremity injuries have serious consequences. When they are associated with other types of trauma, they can be especially debilitating.  Injuries to the pelvis, thigh, calf, foot, and toes can be life altering and require immediate attention from a qualified physician…

Substance Exposure

Industrial manufacturing and mining workers are most at risk for repetitive and prolonged exposure to chemicals and chemical fumes that prove toxic to the body over time. The at-risk industries have changed over the years from construction-related exposure to…

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